Sunday, April 1, 2007

L160 Coffee and Cream Pleco Profile

Scientific Name : Pseudacanthicus sp. L160
Family : Loricariidae
Common Name : Leopard Cactus Pleco
Maximum Length : 22.5cm / 8.9"
Origin : Rio Amazon, Brazil
pH Level : 6.0 - 7.4 Things to note: L160 is one of the sharp spiked and spotted pseudas. Hence it is extremely boisterous and territorial, and care must be taken to ensure that there is sufficient space for it to call its own. Aeration and pH are also important factors. The flow rate of the powerhead is not important. Note that young fish are extremely sensitive to ammonia and nitrite, and overfiltration is always recommended.

Personal comments : L160 has one of the worst tempers seen in a pleco; it will even chase a L24 two inches bigger. With its powerful armanents to back up its arguments, the L160 will always get its way in any tank.

Tips : Keep the L160 preferably alone to prevent the fins of other plecos from tearing. Look closely at L160 shipments you might be lucky enough to get a L96 at L160 pricing.


Sexual dimporphism / reproduction : Unknown.

Feeding : Carnivore but not a predator. Favours prawns as well as small pieces of fish. Provide some vegetables for a balanced diet. When it gets used to the aquarium it will also eat pellets and wafers.

Behavior in captivity : L160s are extremely shy and introverted fish and require low lighting or darkness and a cave they can call their own. They are particularly aggressive and territorial towards conspecifics. Should there be a challenge expect to see violent fights and bullying until the hierarchy is established. Due to their size and strength fights may have detrimental outcomes. Provide clearly separated spaces for them in the tank and ensure each stays there by minimising the need for them to look for food outside their space.

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