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Saturday, April 3, 2010

L46 Zebra Pleco Profile

Scientific Name : Hypancistrus Zebra L46
Family : Loricariidae
Common Name : Zebra Pleco, Imperial Pleco
Maximum Length : 10cm / 4"
Origin : Altamira along Rio Xingu, Brazil - A black water river
pH Level : 6.0 - 7.4

Things to note: L46 are hardy fish and require no special conditions to survive other than clean water and good food. That said, the price of the fish is prohibitive and you should consider carefully if you have the adequate knowledge and equipment ready before keeping them. Also, they are extremely aggressive towards conspecifics of similar sizes; adults do not attack juveniles or fries.

Personal comments : The only pleco I'm concentrating on now after keeping hundreds of plecos and almost every species available on the open market, so nuff said. Keeping and breeding zebra plecos represents the apex and nadir of my pleco keeping hobby.

Tips : L46 are easily kept in tropical climates such as Singapore's without need for heaters or chillers.

Sexual dimporphism / reproduction : Well documented.

Feeding : Like all members of the genus Hypancistrus, the Zebra Pleco is predominantly carnivorous, and often it will also take food remains left behind by tank mates, as well as soft wood.

Behavior in captivity : L46 is not a very sociable pleco, preferring to hide in the crevices of rock and wood furniture all day.

Time to continue the story...

Hi all, to some concerned friends and readers of this blog, no I'm not dead, no I'm still keeping plecos, and yes I will continue to add to this blog from time to time. Will edit my old posts to include new updated information and breeding information. See you around, and leave a comment (and name) on my blog!