Wednesday, March 28, 2007

L200 High Fin Green Spot Pleco Profile

Scientific Name : Baryancistrus demantoides L200
Family : Loricariidae
Common Name : High Fin Green Spot Pleco
Maximum Length : 17cm / 7"
Origin : Rio Orinoco, Venezuela - A black water river
pH Level : 6.0 - 7.4
Things to note: This is the highfin variant that is much sought after by hobbyists. It is easily recognisable by its mustard green body with yellow spots, and a wondrous dorsal fin that when fully extended, opens up perpendicularly to the body.

Personal comments : This L200 Highfin was bought as an afterthought; I wanted to cut down on my pleco collection then, and didn't want to buy anymore. But this was an impulse buy that I've never regretted! It is highly active and responsive to food, and other than its glorious high fin, it is also well spotted on both pairs of lateral fins, giving it a top quality L200 look.

Tips : Beware of LFS which sell normal L200(H.subviridis) as Highfin L200(B.demantoides). The latter is much rarer and subsequently more expensive.


Sexual dimporphism / reproduction : Not known.

Feeding : A look at the mouth of the Green Phantom Pleco reveals that this species is an "Aufwuchs" eater. It eats almost everything though.

Behavior in captivity : This medium-sized Loricarid prefers a dimly lit tank with a good number of hiding places, either created with plants, drift wood, rocks or artificial (pleco spawning) caves. When suitable hiding places are lacking, it can be agressive towards other bottom dwellers.

L200 requires warm and very oxygen-rich water, preferably soft and slightly acidic water (pH 6.0-6.5). Also, lots of underwater currents are appreciated. A powerful filter system is recommended, as this fish produces a lot of waste.

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